Pantry Pests

Kitchen Scavengers

American Pest Control of Massachusetts Many types of insects invade pantries and cupboards, feeding on cereal, flour, sweets, dried fruits, spices, herbs, and other items commonly stored in the kitchen. Often, these pests remain undetected until large numbers have invaded the home.

The most common pantry pest is the Indian meal moth, which eats chocolate, dried fruit, dry dog food, and bird feed. Another common invader is the saw-toothed grain beetle, which consumes flour, pasta, and cereal. Cigarette beetles and drugstore beetles also raid pantries, feeding on herbs, spices, and other dried-plant materials.

Most of these pests come from food-processing plants, warehouses, grocery stores, and delivery trucks, and are inadvertently brought into the home with grocery purchases.

Clean Them Out

If you discover an infestation, get rid of all affected foods and thoroughly clean your cupboards, pantry shelves, kitchen drawers, and floors. Make sure you store pantry items in air-tight jars containers in order to prevent future infestations.

How We Can Help

If the problem persists, call the experts at American Pest Control of Massachusetts. We will do a thorough inspection of your home, help you deal effectively with the unwanted visitors, and provide you with suggestions to help prevent future problems.

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