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Carpenter ants

Ants are undoubtedly the most common pest problem in the United States, and every unprotected household experiences ant problems occasionally, if not constantly.

Home Invaders

That’s because ants routinely invade and re-invade homes and other structures in search of food, water and shelter. Homes and businesses provide for all or most of ants’ basic needs. Ant scouts are constantly on the lookout for resources, and tiny cracks and crevices that most people don’t see are like superhighways to ants. The scouts soon find them. The heaviest activity occurs in the spring, when queen ants lay their eggs.

Carpenter ants, among the largest ants that thrive in the United States, are frequent home invaders in our area. Their nests usually are made in moist wood, but colonies often extend into adjacent, sound wood. Carpenter ants are commonly found in porch pillars, door entries, garage door frames, windowsills, wall voids, decks, firewood, tree stumps, rotting logs, and wood in contact with soil.

Carpenter-ant infestations should be treated by a professional.

How We Can Help

The experts at American Pest Control of Massachusetts are trained to give you the best service in eliminating carpenter-ant problems and keep them from coming back.

Every home is different and should be treated as such. We not only take the time necessary to treat your home in the best possible way, but we also take the time to explain everything that was done and what you can do to help prevent future problems with carpenter ants.

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